Sunday, 26 January 2014

Graph paper programming

Session 3

As always, we started with a review session of the last lesson. Then we got onto writing algorithm to draw a pattern made on graph paper such as shown below.

First we wrote text to describe it. Everyone soon realized why it was important to use code or programming key to write algorithms. So we then replaced the text by symbols. Then the class was able to see that if the same symbol was repeating, it is possible to come up with an easier way to depict it. For example
                           instead of 

We then got into the concept of functions and parameters. After that everyone wrote shorter algorithms instead of the long one originally written, using functions and parameters, to draw the pattern. Then they passed onto a fellow mate to try to make the pattern to see if the instruction set was good.

Some children also opted to do a more difficult pattern with two colours and used functions in an optimal manner. Overall a good session where basic concepts used in many programming languages was explained in simple words! After the break with warm milk and cookies, it was time to try different coding games like light-bot, kodable or to practice the concepts learned.

Another nice weekend of coding completed!

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